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Signature Package

Whether it's a wedding reception, company party, birthday bash, or fundraiser, our expert bartenders ensure a memorable and enjoyable experience with top-notch service and expertly crafted drinks. Let us bring the perfect touch to your event!

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ABC Compliant Events Only

In accordance with §23399.1 of the ABC Act, your event must adhere to these requirements in order book our services.

Private Event

The premises are not open to the general public during the time alcoholic beverages are served or otherwise disposed of.

No Sales

No sale of alcohol allowed including cash or digital transactions, drink tickets that are sold for a price, or otherwise.


The premises are not maintained for the purpose of keeping, serving, consuming or otherwise disposing of alcoholic beverages.

Host Alcohol

Alcohol must be purchased by the host or an agent of the host. We are unable to purchase alcohol on your behalf.

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Party Drinks
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